Who I am

Our Mission

Here at FVReport our goal is to help you succeed in Risk Management of your portfolio using Futures, Stocks and Options. Our goal is to help you eliminate market noise using a methodical and sequential process in order to secure your financial future.


Our Service

Our goal is to help you succeed in Risk Management, using Futures, options and stocks.
I specialize in eliminating the big risks that destroy investment portfolios.
I believe that the growth of your investments is obtained not only with big profits but also avoiding heavy losses.

Our Service:

^Real time trade entries and exit alerts straight from our FVReport brokerage account at TDAmeritrade send it to you vía our private Twitter.
^We also send Daily chart analysis on stocks, futures, earnings, swings, and scalps.
^Entries, targets, and stop loss on all trades with ongoing trade Management.
^Daily covered calls ideas.
^Daily PDF file with our marktes setups and scenarios.
^Daily update of our portfolio.